These Unicorn Gifts Are So Magical It Hurts

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Unicorns are quite possibly the most magical creature ever and that’s why we can’t get enough of them! From unicorn earrings to unicorn drinking horns these gifts should be on every unicorn lovers list!



Uni the Unicorn LED Night Light in White

Promising reviews

“My granddaughter is mad about unicorns … this is a big hit!” – suepen

“We’re expecting our first baby (a girl) and have struggled to find Unicorn wall-paper. We stumbled on this little beauty and couldn’t resist. Once fitted, it’s such a cool little lamp. Very happy” – Paul Thomas

Get it on Amazon for £12.99
Magical Unicorn Champagne Drinking Horn

Promising reviews

“This is possibly one of the most awesome shot glasses I have!!!” – Mike

“It is really cute and decently made. It is not a full glass, it is a shooter so don’t expect to pour your beer into it. It is great for shots at home with friends or taking to a party, looks great as a decorative piece as well.” – Miss Vortex

Get it on Amazon for £30.24


Sterling Silver Unicorn Stud Earrings




Promising reviews 

“Lovely unicorn earrings. Great for small girls. My 8 year old adores unicorns and is thrilled with them”  Jillian Ward-Kelliher

“My 7 year old is that happy she hasn’t taken them out, thank you” stacey

Get it on Amazon for £18.99


Fun Air Freshener – Fairy Cake Fragranced Unicorn

Promising Review

“I bought this for someone as a gift because they are Unicorn mad and they were very pleased with it. The scent is strong and pleasing to the nose, definitely worth the money and a great buy.” – SeanieMackie

Get it on Amazon for £1.69
Unicorn Emoji Head Pillow Cushion

Promising Review 

“With my little sister just absolutely loving unicorns and her bedroom just newly being decorated to a unicorn theme I felt like it was missing something so got to looking for unicorn accessories to finish her room off when I came across this cute pillow. It arrived very fast and my sister was over the moon with it. Usually with novelty cushions like this I find that they aren’t stuffed completely but this one has been stuffed well covering the whole cushion and making it very comfortable for my sister to lye on. The stitching is all done well, with no loose bits of thread so should last a long time. The material on the outside is very soft and colourful so appealing for younger kids as well as adults. I am so glad that I came across this and got it as my little sister just loves it and takes it with her when going for sleep overs.” Gemma

Get it on Amazon for £7.49


Unicorn Head White Wall Mount – Pink Glitter Horn


Promising Review 

“Magnificent, I am over the rainbow with my gorgeous unicorn head. I don’t think this cruel as I think of it as a 3D portrait of this mystical and magical creature. It watches over me while I sleep and keeps my dreams sweet. I am by the way 58 and I do believe in unicorns.” Mrs. T. SALMON

Get it on Amazon for £17.99

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