Man Sends Mum ‘Innocent’ Image Of Girlfriend – But Can you Spot Why It Backfired?

By / December 1, 2017 / Funny

Is there anything worse than sending someone a message/image that wasn’t supposed to be for them?

Maybe it was a screenshot that got sent to the wrong person or a private image/message you accidentally sent to a family member, whatever it was, that shit sucked.

I bet you literally wanted to crawl up into yourself and never see that person again.

We imagine Maison Vallance felt the same way,

22-year-old Maison was trying to find a top his mum had given him with his surname on as a present, after eventually finding said top he decided to take a picture of it and send it to her.
He also tweeted the picture to his followers because ‘Meghan is too pretty not to post it.’
 Now can you spot what’s wrong with the picture?
 It took us a minute to work out why social media started going crazy over this…


Things took a turn for the worse, when Maison’s friend Brooke, spotted something in the background…

That’s right, there’s a  rope attached to the headboard, with two holes made for restraining hands.

As you can imagine Maison was mortified when he realised what he had done, luckily the two have a close relationship, so the pair has decided to act like it never happened.

However, Twitter is not likely to forget so easily, as since the image went viral Maison has received a lot of tweets, from followers ‘congratulating him on the sex’ to even some sharing their own stories of embarrassment.


Featured image credit: Twitter/ Maison Vallance


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