I Spent a Year Secretly in Love With a Man on a Train and Now We’re Married!

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We’ve all been there, on some form of public transport when in comes the girl or guy of our dreams. Now normally, it’s a fleeting encounter but one couple actually got together. In July 2003 Zoe Folbigg spotted a beautiful ‘train man’ on her morning commute. Every day she would sit in the same carriage, praying he would notice her, and a year later, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Zoe shares what happened next in a most romantic story of love at first sight.

Having planned with her friends to subtly drop her ticket in front of the man, when the moment came Zoe bottled it. For the next year, she pined after him until eventually, her birthday came around when she took the biggest gamble and wrote him a note confessing all.

But her romantic gesture didn’t pay off, as after waiting all day for him to reply, Mark emailed back saying he had a girlfriend, and the pair remained as passing strangers for another eight months (Imagine how awkward that would be!)

Out of the blue 8 months later, Zoe received an email from Mark explaining that his circumstances had changed and that he would love to take her out for a drink.

The pair hit it off and within three months had moved in together.

If this isn’t a modern-day fairytale, I don’t know what is!

Watch the full interview below…

Video Credit: ITV’s This morning
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