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With Christmas mere weeks away, parents up and down the country are busy buying out toy shops everywhere, stocking up on festive treats and sourcing that special gift for someone special. Retailers are expecting a bumper year with sales hoping to reach  £78.7 billion, that’s a growth of 4% from last year.

But what are this year’s big toys? What toy is set to rival the Furby from a few years back? Well, below are the top five toys on every boys and girls Santa list:

1. Luvabella, £99.99

Source: Argos

This interactive doll is sure to be on every young girl’s wish list. The doll come imaginatively to life through fluid movements and natural responses.

2. Hatchimals, from £2.99


Source: Argos

Hold the egg, rub the heart and watch it hatch. Simple!

3. Tiny Treasures Twin Set, £79.99


Source: Argos

If the Luvabella doll is feeling lonely then this life like set should keep her company. The 18’’ dolls (one boy and one girl) are weighted like newborn babies and feature sleepy eyes and silky hair.

4. Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks, £79.99


Source: Argos

A battle damaged robot straight from the hit movie, featuring sounds from the film; with movement, light effects and catchphrases it’s sure to be a winner.

5. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, £69.99


Source: Argos

Help Ryder and the pups save the day by hopping aboard the sea patroller and rescuing the wildlife. Ruff!!

Did any of your favourite toys make the list? Have you been good enough for Santa to bring you a Luvabella doll? Drop a comment below and tell us your favourite Christmas toys from past years.



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