Failed Manhattan Suicide Bomber Pictured In Agony

By / December 11, 2017 / News, Politics, Shocking

This morning a Bangladeshi national has been taken into custody with serious injuries after a pipe bomb he was carrying malfunctioned and exploded prematurely inside a Manhattan subway station.

Akayed Ullah was wounded when a “low-tech explosive device” strapped to his body blew up in an underpass.

According to reports, the explosion happened around 7:20 am, in an underground tunnel linking the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Times Square, a major thoroughfare for workers during the morning commute.

Three members of the public have since been treated for minor injuries.

Surveillance footage from inside the station shows commuters walking through Port Authority when a bomb partially detonates, sending smoke into the air, whilst a man believed to be the suspect is on the floor.

Video Credit: Youtube/Fantastic News

Andre Rodriguez, 62, told the New York Times: “I was going through the turnstile. It sounded like an explosion, and everybody started running.”

Alicja Wlodkowski, told Reuters news agency that she had seen a large group of people running. “A woman fell. And nobody even went to stop and help her because the panic was so scary,” she said.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City confirmed the incident was an attempted terrorist attack. In a statement, he said: ‘Let’s be clear that this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals. Thank god the only injuries we know of at this point were minor. ‘The choice of New York is always for a reason, because we show that a society of many faiths and background can work and our enemies want to undermined that. But New York City is blessed with the finest lay enforcement. ‘It’s very important for my fellow New Yorkers to know that there are no additional known activities at this time. At this point in time all we know of is one individual who was unsuccessful in their aims. ‘This is the most resilient place on earth, we’ve proven it time and time again. the terrorists will not win, we will continue being New Yorkers — let’s get back to work.’




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