Can’t Be Bothered To Cook A Christmas Dinner? Why Not Get The Full Meal In Crisp Form?

By / December 1, 2017 / Food, Fun

Cooking a Christmas dinner takes a lot of work. You don’t ever fully appreciate the work that goes into executing the meal until the dreaded day, you have to prepare one yourself.

Soho ‘crisps and dip café’, Hipchips recognised the struggle and created a whole entire Christmas meal in a crisp form…

I mean what a combination!


Two of our favourite things combining to create something magical!

Hipchips is offering: a full five-course Christmas ‘dinner’ of handcrafted crisps for only £6.95

Four flavours of crisps will be paired with five festive dips. A  smoked salmon and pickled cucumber-flavoured crisp starter will appear, alongside a traditional turkey dinner flavour and a sweet Christmas pudding flavour for dessert.

We’re intrigued to see if the Christmas pudding dessert crisp actually tastes nice!

Sounds a little strange to us… but then again we were up for the candy cane flavoured crisps released a month or two ago…

If this wasn’t enough the dinner has been matched to a selection of craft beers, wine and cocktails that best compliment the festive flavours.

Oh and if you can’t be bothered to leave the house, UberEats will deliver it to you!

Could these crisps be combined into a totally awesome crisp sandwich?

We’re unsure but will definitely give it a go!

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