£40k jumbo jet-inspired ‘micro-home’ to help homeless crisis

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An 18-year-old has become the first owner of the £40k jumbo jet inspired ‘micro home’ to help with Britains homeless crisis.

Kieran Evans was handed the keys to the tiny property on Thursday after it was air-lifted into a back garden over the summer.

Photo credit: SWNS

The 186sq ft (17.25sq m) space, comes complete with a bedroom, a fully furnished kitchen, a bathroom ‘module’ and even an entertainment zone.

Photo credit: SWNS

Photo credit: SWNS

Photo credit: SWNS

After spending time in a YCMA hostel, the teenager then moved into temporary accommodation.  Kieran said: “I’m ecstatic, genuinely so happy to have my own space. It’s like a compact luxury apartment.”

The project was started by the Homeless Foundation, and the property itself will be managed by the Spring Housing Association.

In a bid to teach tenants how to survive independently, they will have to take responsibility for paying for rent, water bills, and food.

Trustee member Joanne O’Donnell, said: “Rough sleeping is just the tip of the iceberg. The biggest issue in homelessness is the plight of young homeless people who cannot afford a home and end up sofa surfing or in hostels and temporary accommodation. The iKozie will provide a home for Kieran and will hopefully help him to secure his own tenancy with a Housing Association by proving that he can live independently and sustain a tenancy.”

It has been suggested that iKozies could be stacked on top of one another to create sustainable “communities”. These unique homes are manufactured off-site and then lifted into place.

The iKozies designer, Andrew Eastabrook, said: “I believe this is a world first.

“We think it feels really nice inside. We will be moving on to do a lot more of these. This is the proof of the concept.”

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