October 24, 2017

  • 10 of the most spine tingling stories you’ve ever read…

    By / October 24, 2017 / Fun

      With Halloween coming up the number of ghoulishly good horror and thriller books flying off the shelves is sure to increase. But have you ever thought about why we like scaring ourselves with these books? Novelist Lou Morgan explains that “In reading books that frighten us, we have the choice of whether to explore our fears…… [read more]

  • Britain’s Youngest Millionaire at Just 17

    By / October 19, 2017 / Business

    At just 17 Akshay Ruparelia became one of Britain’s youngest ever business millionaires after setting up an online estate agency. Whilst still in school Akshay, set up his own business, using call centres to take care of his phone calls until school was out. Image Credit: Carl Fox In little more than a year, www.doorsteps.co.uk… [read more]

  • New Conspiracy Theory Suggest Melania Trump Uses Body Double

    By / October 19, 2017 / Celebrity, Politics

    Melania Trump has found herself at the centre of a Social Media conspiracy theory. During an interview with the president, the first lady can be seen in a trench coat and a pair of sunglasses nodding along to the what the president is saying. Actress and comedian Andrea Wagner Barton caught the interview and posted… [read more]

  • Millie Bobby Brown introduces Stranger Things 2 Exclusive Footage!

    By / October 18, 2017 / TV

    Stranger Things, Netflix’s most popular sci-fi horror series, is back for a second series in 2017, and fans can’t wait.  In a comic – con world exclusive Millie Bobby Brown , who plays lead character eleven shared an exclusive Stranger Things 2 clip with fans at the event. You can check out the footage below. Video Credit: MCM Comic Con… [read more]

  • Guy Burns Down House Trying To Kill A Spider

    By / October 18, 2017 / News, Shocking

    There are many ways to get rid of a spider, normally if you’re scared of them you get your dad or relative to remove them for you. Now usually a simple cup and piece of paper are enough to get rid of the unwanted guest, however, one arachnophobe took it to the extreme when he… [read more]

  • Marilyn Monroe Warned Me About the Wolves in Hollywood

    By / October 16, 2017 / News, Politics, Shocking

    Dame Joan Collins opened up to the public about her personal experiences of sexual harassment as she exposed details of Hollywood’s shocking casting couch secrets. ‘I was playing in the role in the Girl In the Red Velvet Swing,’ she explained, adding that Marilyn told her that she didn’t get the role because she was considered… [read more]

  • Hurricane Ophelia hits Ireland

    By / October 16, 2017 / News

    Hurricane Ophelia hurtles into Ireland with deadly force today as 120,000 homes lost power,  it is the worst storm to hit the island in 56 years. The government has since deployed the army to help those in need. last night Northern Ireland, Wales, south west Scotland and the Isle of Man were under an amber… [read more]

  • Ed Sheeran Rushed To Hospital

    By / October 16, 2017 / Celebrity, Hot News, Shocking

      Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he had been knocked down by a car in London The 26-year-old was riding his bike when he was struck down by a vehicle causing his right arm to break, which may well put his upcoming tour plans in jeopardy.   Ive had a bit of a bicycle accident… [read more]

  • Halloween Outfits Ideas For 2018

    By / October 16, 2017 / Shopping

    Get ready for a fantastic fright night with these spooktacular Halloween costumes. Not sure want to be yet? Why not take inspiration from the outfits below! Day of The Dead Senorita Skeleton    Promising Review Great size and beautiful costume. I loved it – Katy Edwards Get it on Amazon for £22.45   Complete Zombie Costume  Promising Review… [read more]

  • £40k jumbo jet-inspired ‘micro-home’ to help homeless crisis

    By / October 14, 2017 / News, Politics

    An 18-year-old has become the first owner of the £40k jumbo jet inspired ‘micro home’ to help with Britains homeless crisis. Kieran Evans was handed the keys to the tiny property on Thursday after it was air-lifted into a back garden over the summer. Photo credit: SWNS The 186sq ft (17.25sq m) space, comes complete with… [read more]

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