September 29, 2017

  • Judge Who Spared Oxford Student Jail Is Under Investigation

    By / September 29, 2017 / News

    The judge who spared Lavinia Woodward jail after she stabbed her Tinder date is now under investigation. Judge Ian Pringle QC gave Woodward a suspended sentence after she stabbed her date in what was called a ‘drug fuelled rage’. Pringle gave Woodward just a 10 month prison sentence that was suspended for 18 months after Woodward stabbed… [read more]

  • Is This The Most Scariest/Realistic Halloween Costume Ever?

    By / September 29, 2017 / Film, Shopping

    After box office release  “It,” has become the highest-grossing R-rated horror film ever released in the U.S! After having the highest box office opening for any horror film in the history of cinema it also became the highest September opening weekend ever! The  remake  based on Stephen King’s novel, released in 1986, features Bill Skarsgard as the… [read more]

  • Fury At “Coach Trip to Grenfell”

    By / September 29, 2017 / News, Shocking

    The people who were affected by the tragedy have spoke of their outrage at a busload of tourists that were taken to the tower to take photos of the charred tower. The Chinese tour guide who has now been fired and returned to his native country, partook in an unauthorised trip in which he lead… [read more]

  • London Underground To Strike Next Week

    By / September 29, 2017 / News

    Commuters are set to have a disrupted journey next week with tube drivers set to walk out over working conditions. The strike will take place on Thursday 5 October and will take place for 24 hours. The disruption will not only affect commuters, but also football fans. The strike is to take place on the… [read more]

  • New Arctic Monkeys Music Is On The Way

    By / September 29, 2017 / Music

    Good news for Arctic Monkeys fans, the group are said to be recording their new album and it set to be released at some point next year. The bands bassist, Nick O’Malley, spoke to a motorbike website (For The Ride). The website said that the musician had found time to talk to them before he… [read more]

  • I Spent a Year Secretly in Love With a Man on a Train and Now We’re Married!

    By / September 27, 2017 / Cute

    We’ve all been there, on some form of public transport when in comes the girl or guy of our dreams. Now normally, it’s a fleeting encounter but one couple actually got together. In July 2003 Zoe Folbigg spotted a beautiful ‘train man’ on her morning commute. Every day she would sit in the same carriage, praying… [read more]

  • Rare White Tiger Killed By Bengals When Keeper Left Enclosure Door Open

    By / September 26, 2017 / Animals, Shocking

    A RARE white tiger was stalked and mauled by Bengal tigers in a shocking video. The footage recorded at a zoo in the Indian city of Bengaluru and took place after a zookeeper mistakenly left the enclosure door open. According to the Daily Mail, One worker said that negligent staffers allowed the white tigers to enter the… [read more]

  • The Autistic Boy Saved by a ‘Guardian Angel’ Dog

    By / September 26, 2017 / Animals, Cute, TV

    Four years ago, autistic Joel Sayer barely spoke, was often violent, hated leaving the house and had never even smiled. Now 13, his life has transformed completely – thanks to the dog he calls his ‘guardian angel’.Assistance dog Caddie, a Labrador, has helped Joel achieve milestones his family never thought possible – from joining family… [read more]

  • My Makeup Addiction Led to Me Being Sectioned

    By / September 26, 2017 / TV

    Amy Robb’s addiction to makeup and constant insecurity was so bad it led to a deep depression and the need to be sectioned. The 24-year-old Northern Irish blogger and psychology graduate shares how she managed to feel comfortable in her own skin again.  Amy,  24, regularly got up at 4.15am to put her makeup on before… [read more]

  • Russia Successfully Test Launch Missile

    By / September 21, 2017 / Funny

    Russia has successfully carried out a test launch of a missile capable of carrying nukes for the second time in 10 days. The Russian defense ministry discharged an RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, north of Moscow, on Wednesday. Officials said the missile successfully hit a target 3,600 miles away on the Kura testing… [read more]

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