12 Animals For World Animal Day

By / October 4, 2017 / Animals, Cute

It is World Animal Day, a day to raise awareness of animal abuse and animals in need all around the world. If you are interested in what you can do to help animals in need out then check out the charities site. Here at The HotFeed we have found some photos and videos to show how great animals are and they should cheer up your Wednesday. Check them out below!

1) This cutie enjoying his grapes.

2) This cat that just gets you

3) This terrifying lion

4) This rabbit is cooler than you

5) This group of friends

6) Cats; sinister, but also cute

7) This cutie that’s almost got the stairs under control

8) These unlikely best friends

9) These #relationshipgoals


10) This nosy fluff

11) A group of cuties

12) These vicious predators

All Images/Videos: Tumblr/Twitter/Vine/YouTube
Feature Image: Tumblr


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