10 Life Hacks You Need Right Now

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Here at The HotFeed we have put together 10 life hack that will not only improve your week, but also your life. From technology hacks to stoage hacks and everything in between we’ve got you covered so that your life can improve in an instant.

1)Fed up of your chargers breaking all the time? Look no further.

By wrapping a small spring around the end of your wire, it will ensure that the wire will not fray and break.

2)Cooking pizza for tea?

If you are cooking pizza for family or friends and need to pop more than one in the oven, cut your pizzas like the two above so that you don’t have to use more than one tray.

3) Follow this tip if you need more storage space.

If you need more storage space in your cupboards then using towel rails is a great way to free up space by allowing you to store your lids with ease.

4) If you’re thirsty.

If you are drinking from a can and using a straw, then you and use the ring on the lid to keep your straw in place. No more annoying floating from the straw!

5) Taking the bin out?

If you are sick of taking the bin out and getting gross bin juice of the floor or on your shoes, then use this little hack in order to stop it happening. By placing paper in the bottom of the empty bag, all the bin juice will be absorbed and you won’t have to deal with it anymore.

6) Going out for the night?

If you are off on a night out and you are worried about spending the money for the cab home, then simply store an emergency 20 in the back of your phone case. It means that you won’t accidentally spend it and you will be able to get home with ease.

7) Sort out all your wires.

If you have the dreaded drawer of wires and they are all tangled together, then this little hack should go down a treat. By taking an old box and filling it with used toilet roll tubes, it means you can neatly store all your wires and you wont have to worry about them being knotted, you can even write on the tubes what the wire is for so you you won’t have to worry about remembering either.

8) Travelling with no phone holder.

If you are travelling and you have forgotten your phone mount, then you can make a quick make-shift one by using and elastic band and looping it through your air con vents, this way you can see your sat nav andnot have to worry!

9) Only have one trip from the car.

It will be less journeys which mean you will have more time to snack on the shopping that you’ve just bought.

10) Hide your treats from the kids/any potential thieves.

By hiding your treats in a vegetable bag, now one will think to look in them and it will result in you having all the goods to yourself.

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